The Island of Aegina...

Discover Aegina having as a starting point Ostria...

Aegina is not an accidental island. It constitutes one of the summits of the triangle that Delphi, along with the Acropolis and Sounion make and create a magnetic field, which makes Aegina irresistible. Besides its position at the center of the Saronic gulf so close to Greece’s capital, Aegina has conquered a unique and irreplaceable seat in the hearts of artists, litterateurs, Hellenists and visitors who come back every year fanatically.

Hiking at Mount Ellanio
A wonderful walk with starting point Ostria hotel just to discover that the natural beauty of Aegina is not limited at the sea. Walk in Elaionas, within 2000-year-old olive trees and discover the remnants of the temple of Ellanios Zeus at the end of the path. Enjoy the magnificent view from up above. Search for the old monastery of Chrysoleontissa Holy Mary at the island’s center plateau.
Visit Antisaios’ settlement and also the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital at Pachia Rachi.

Walking at Aegina
Aegina’s picturesque alleys lead you, through the well preserved neoclassic buildings, at Kapodistria’s Government House, at Saint-Nicolas church, at the Orphanage, at Marcello’s Tower, at the Metropolis built in 1806, at the Historical Museum, at the Museum of Folklore Art, and at Christos Kapralos’ Museum of Sculpture. You are not far away from Kolona (=pillar). It is the only pillar still preserved from Apollo’s temple, built in 6th century B.C, it extends towards the sky at the peak of the mountain, where at its feet the Archaeological Museum is found. Expose yourselves at different exhibits from the Neolithic era until the Roman times and admire the Sphinx of Aegina,as well as sculptures from the Temple of Aphaia.

One day at Aghia Marina and the Temple of Aphaia.
Enjoy the water and the livelihood of the village day and night, the proposals for entertainment until the break of dawn and do not miss to visit the temple of Athina Aphaia, one of the best preserved Dorian order temples of the early 5th century B.C, which has constituted a model for the construction of the Parthenon and of many other important temples οf the time. But also visit the medieval towm of Paliochora, the so-called Mistra of the islands and the monastery of Saint-Nectarios.

Relaxation at beaches, picturesque villages and fish-villages.
Visit Perdika by car or by boat and pass at the other side on the island of Moni where deers, wild-goats, peacocks and squirrels come near you to feed them. Swim everywhere: Souvala, Portes, Aeginitissa, Vagia, Aghia Marina, Klima, Klaidi and of course Marathona which is right in front of Ostria Hotel.